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Urban Mobility


Urban Mobility

The FIA is committed to support the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and promote the advancement of urban mobility solutions within sustainable mobility eco-systems.  

    The FIA Smart Cities Initiative

    In the context of the Formula-E championship, the Smart Cities steers the discussion around opportunities and challenges cities faces in the effort to promote sustainable urban mobility.

    顺达股东The Smart Cities initiative is set to bring together the FIA, the Formula-E, city officials, industry players and mobility experts to advocate on solutions and ideas around safe, connected and sustainable urban mobility. A series of forums on the day prior to the Formula-E race will create a platform for experience sharing and cross-sectorial cooperation to identify best practices and potential solutions for tackling urban mobility issues. These forums will come to life in conjunction with four rounds of the third Formula E season, those held in Mexico City, Berlin and Montreal, as well as a special event in Paris.

    Alongside the Forums, there will be two further activities on the initiative: the FIA Smart Cities Awards and the FIA Smart Cities Startup. The first involves cities that host rounds of the current Formula E season being invited to come up with a sustainable mobility project. The second aims to identify the world’s most innovative and impactful start-up technology companies in the smart cities ecosystem.

    For more information please visit the Smart Cities page.

    顺达股东Interested in participating in the FIA Smart Cities awards? Fill in the  to see if you qualify.


    NEW Urban Agenda Capstone Group Research

    This research project is a result of collaborative effort between Sciences Po Paris and FIA Mobility to define the role of the FIA in designing and implementing the UN’s New Urban Agenda Declaration. 

    The recently adopted New Urban Agenda Declaration is an inclusive, action-oriented and concise document that guides the next twenty years of sustainable and transformative urban development worldwide. Acknowledging the incremental role of transport in this urban Declaration, the FIA did a scoping of sustainable mobility challenges and solutions recognised by its membership and partnership networks.

    This task was undertaken in collaboration with the Science Po Paris school through a joint Capstone Research Project. The project had a twofold objective:

    1. reach out to FIA Clubs and collect their feedback on outstanding challenges and opportunities in addressing urban mobility issues
    2. analyse collected data and incorporate it in the report identifying the role of the FIA in the New Urban Agenda and its transport-related objectives.  

    The report is built around addressing sustainable urban mobility from the perspective of individuals, thus focusing on user-focused policies.


    Wocomoco & Collaborative Mobility

    In the context of the rapid growth of opportunities for shared mobility solutions, the FIA is actively supporting the , organised by the Swiss Mobility Academy for the 4th consecutive year. 

    The recent success story of car-sharing - more than almost any other innovation in the transport industry - has marked the onset of a new way of organising every-day transport, now widely referred to as “collaborative mobility”. Due to the transformative powers of this movement, FIA Mobility Clubs are now faced with significant business and policy opportunities and challenges.

    The FIA is actively monitoring developments of car-sharing and ride-sharing platforms with the aim of turning emerging challenges into promising momentum for extending mobility services provided by its Member Clubs.