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Past campaigns


Past campaigns

顺达股东As the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations, the FIA is responsible for representing more than 60 million motorists worldwide. Over recent years, this responsibility has been focused through campaigns on road safety and the environment.

顺达股东The FIA and its member clubs have played a key role in supporting the Make Roads Safe campaign, which called for a global programme to reduce the rapidly growing death toll on our roads.

FIA clubs helped to gather one million signatures in support of the proposal to create the first-ever UN road safety summit and these were submitted to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in New York.

顺达股东The Make Roads Safe campaign promoted its agenda for action in the run-up to the UN Ministerial conference. This included calling on the international community to fund, at minimum, a 10-year, $300 million action plan to increase road safety capacity in middle and low income countries, and to ensure that 10 per cent of road infrastructure budgets funded by international donors should be earmarked for safety.

The FIA’s campaign work has also focused on environmental issues, crystallised in the FIA’s declaration on air quality, climate change, and automotive fuels economy, which was launched at the FIA General Assembly in October 2007. This declaration called for action by automotive stakeholders, policy makers and consumers to act to reduce the impact of motoring on the environment. 

It also called on the United Nations to adopt the first-ever worldwide target for CO2 emissions in passenger cars. The FIA and its member clubs worldwide unanimously agreed to set a global CO2 emissions benchmark of 140g/km for passenger cars as part of a new international framework for greener motoring.

顺达股东This declaration formed the basis of the FIA’s Make Cars Green campaign. The international campaign had the aim of reducing the impact of motoring on the environment in a number of ways, such as through the promotion of more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient driver behaviour.

The FIA utilised its links with sport to help promote these road safety and environmental messages. Seven-time FIA Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher became a major advocate for the Make Roads Safe campaign.

顺达股东The Make Cars Green campaign received worldwide exposure when drivers from the FIA Formula One World Championship participated in a group photo to endorse the campaign during the first Grand Prix of the 2008  season in Australia.

The FIA has also launched a number of campaigns in motor sport, such as the EveryRace campaign, which promotes the message that discrimination and prejudice can have no place in sport or society.

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