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Disability & Accessibility


顺达股东The FIA has created the Disability and Accessibility Commission to ensure accessible racing and motoring across both the Sport and Mobility pillars.

顺达股东The purpose of the DAA is to break down barriers that obstruct full and effective participation of motorsport drivers and road users in society and mobility systems. Made up of representatives from Mobility and Sport Member Clubs, the DAA is committed to improving safety for disabled drivers, in coordination with the FIA specialised Commissions, implementing any actions contributing to improving the comprehensiveness and quality of adaptations for drivers with disabilities. The DAA also promotes knowledge sharing and best practices between Clubs and other relevant organisations involved in the field of inclusive transport.

Related FIA Regulations:

Certificate of Adaptations:

The Certificate of Adaptations will be provided by the FIA for competition vehicles not in compliance with the corresponding homologation and/or technical regulations due to the adaptations required for a disabled driver.

The FIA Adaptations Working Group of the Disability and Accessibility Commission will only accept requests for vehicles intended for competitions included in the International Sporting Calendar or competitions with regulations specifically requesting the FIA certificate of adaptations.

Please complete the attached technical dossier and submit it to disability@iyanzi.com.cn顺达股东 with the endorsement of your ASN. The FIA Adaptations Working Group will examine the application and provide a feedback within 15 days upon receipt.

Safety Equipment Grant for mobility-impaired competitors

Disabled drivers who participate in at least five races per year sanctioned by the ASN can apply for a grant to be provided with the latest standard of clothing, fire extinguisher and safety fuel cell.

ASNs are invited to provide us with duly completed application forms to disability@iyanzi.com.cn顺达股东. Further information can also be requested via the same email address.

The offer is valid all year round. However, applications submitted after 15 November 2020 will not be considered.

Non-Ambulant Drivers Symbol:

As mentioned in Article 11.2 of Appendix L, to ensure marshals, rescue teams and any other officials are made aware that the driver may be dealt with differently, mainly in case of emergency, non-ambulant drivers must affix the sticker to the name or number on the racing car. This label must be stuck on both car doors, and at the front and rear of the competition vehicle, during competition and testing, and where possible, visibility of the logo during night races should be ensured.

DAA Commission Logo:

We invite you to use the DAA logo if your share our vision.

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顺达股东For any further information on the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission, please send a message to: